Valuing hope in the face of despair

It feels like I’ve been campaigning for social and ecological justice nearly all my adult life. I have tried to criticise what I consider to be wrong and attempted to live alternative possibilities.My faith has centred on a vocation to bring forward the ‘Reign of God’ (Basileia tou Theou) on earth as in heaven, which means speaking out against injustice and oppression, and working to support others in times of vulnerability.

My assumption has been that we are all created in the imago dei and that which prevents us from doing so is to be prophetically challenged, especially those powers and principalities which detain and distract us from any deeper destiny.

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Why did Jesus send out those missionaries

This post is a sermon about the Gospel reading for 7th July: Luke 10:1-11, 16-20. It follows on from the sermon I published on 29 June 2019.

Jesus sent out missionaries. Scholars have asked how they compare with the Cynic philosophers of their day. Here I point to some similarities and differences.

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Nobody is an undesirable

Mark Field MP has attracted attention to himself again, describing some homeless people as ‘undesirables’.

This post argues that from a Christian perspective nobody is an undesirable. Christians should publicly object to language like this.

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How theology has failed over Brexit

The Modern Church Conference in July this year is exploring ‘Theology in the Public Square’. When the theme of the conference was agreed, I was to speak on ‘Theology after Brexit’, and I should have been frantically writing now trying to make theological sense of what had happened. Brexit, of course, hasn’t happened.

And as much as the Brexit Party would like to pretend that no one’s view have changed since June 2016, public opinion is all over the place; views have changed; it’s even possible that facts have impinged on the thinking of many.

What we have achieved by the Brexit process has been pretty catastrophic: unsteady Pound and a steady flow of companies leaving the country or setting up in Continental Europe (or Ireland), xenophobia, lies masquerading as fact, the children in Parliament throwing their toys out of the pram in every direction. As some have observed, our politics seems broken, our democratic institutions not fit for purpose, our political parties more worried by their own internal divisions than by the good of the country. It is an embarrassing, and potentially damaging, mess.

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