Why did Jesus make that fateful journey to Jerusalem?

Some passages in the Bible seem really obscure. To understand them, we need to know the context.

This post is a sermon based on Luke 9:51-62, the Gospel passage for 30th June. When we understand what Jesus was doing then, it raises the question: what should we be doing now?

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The problem isn’t just Boris

‘It’s time for Christians to speak out against Boris Johnson’ declares George Pitcher in an article in the Guardian.

This post summarises Pitcher’s argument and argues that it applies to the political establishment as a whole, not just one person.

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The biblical power of the moon

According to Matthew’s Gospel some of the people Jesus healed were moonstruck.

Needless to say, the people who translate the Bible into English don’t use this word. They usually translate ‘epileptic’. But epilepsy is a modern diagnosis. Like most modern diagnoses, it has no ancient equivalent. So are the translators misleading us, and what can we realistically expect from the Bible?

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